Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Search for the Thatched Roof Cottage

In search for the thatched roof house, this cottage  (and several like it) can be found in the folk park in the village of Glencolmcill, County Donegal. Outside of these theme parks, you will be hard-pressed to find authentic thatched-roof houses, as most are now covered in contemporary tiling or corrugated steel.


  1. Its beautiful. I cannot believe that some are covered in the corrugated steel, thats ridiculous. Its such a middle finger to a mark of history, a house this ancient with such a qualitatively thatched roof should remain in its own presence.

    -Adam Ahmed
    Roofing Brooklyn

  2. When you look at an authentic thatched home, you will feel the natural aesthetic around it. I mean, the materials used are very environmentally-friendly such as straw, sedge, water reed, heather, or rushes. You can’t just deny the classic beauty in all the thatched roof homes! =)

    William Gulliver

  3. Thatched roofs always remind me of the Bronze Age and the Victorian era. You’re right, Brian. It’s now difficult to find a genuine thatched roof, that’s why I really appreciate all the Thatcher in town, who still uses the traditional method. =)

    Nelson Mcglaughlin